Praxis Gallery

A process focused media space in the heart of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

With a focus on process, Praxis gallery was established within Ampersand Inventions in 2014. Since opening its doors in 2012 Ampersand Inventions has placed itself firmly within the artistic community of the North East, building an environment for both up-and-coming and established artists to work and show in as well as being a hotspot for lectures and workshops.

Situated on Pilgrim Street, Praxis brings you off the busy streets of Newcastle onto lush faux grass floors and tempts you to think of artistic practice not just in terms finished product but also the actions and skills that got it there.

With a key place in the Newcastle art scene Praxis has the perfect approach to push new ideas and concepts without being lost in the sea of mainstream galleries, working close with artists to make sure that it is at the forefront of challenging the conventional and the expected.

If you are looking for a space to exhibit this year contact: